16 November 2014

How to Adapt Purchased Sequences to work with E1.31 Pixel Controllers (AlphaPix)

Holiday Lighting Decorators will often wish to purchase pre-sequenced songs for use with their hardware to save time, improve the quality over sequencing themselves or to increase the number of songs in their show and purchasing pre-sequenced songs are a perfect way to do that.  The primary issue when purchasing a pre-made sequence from a third-party vendor is that it often will not be addressed or setup to work with your specific hardware.  Don't worry - nearly all sequences can be adapted or the hardware can be adapted to work with purchased sequences.  You have two options when working with a pre-purchased sequence:

  • Adjust/Modify the Sequence - This option works well when you have a pre-designed numbering or addressing system you've devised for your given show and you want all sequences to follow this order.  Often this can mean adjusting hundreds of channels but has the advantage that all the sequences will match your exact preferences.
  • Adjust/Modify the Controller - This option works well when your sequence (or sequences) is already setup to work with a given output/channel/universe combination.  Typically, just by adjusting your controller output settings, the sequences require little or no modification.
  • Adjust/Modify both the Sequence and Controller - If you've purchased sequences from a number of vendors, it is common that they will each have their own setup or channel layout and you may need to standardized on a single output arrangement or adjust all the sequences to match your hardware channel setup.
The following video shows how to adjust sequences in Light-o-Rama S3 Advanced software by either modification of the controller settings or modification of the sequence:

We hope this helps to better understand the relationship between controller addressing and software addressing.