29 March 2013

Customer Projects Using HolidayCoro LED Lighting

While HolidayCoro is focused on the Holiday Lighting community, we often have customers that use our products in different ways.  Here are two customer provided projects that we thought were interesting:

Chris K at Club UV in Nashville, TN used 280 of our rectangle RGB modules and ten of our 3 channel DMX controllers to spice up the exterior and interior of their night club:

Outside the Club

Inside at the bar

Landscape Lighting Conversion

Casey H of Crowley, TX used our Square RGB dumb lights to replace the original lights used in his landscape lighting system.  Here is how he describes the project:

We have Malibu landscape lights (aluminum fixtures) around our home for security lighting and this past Christmas I wanted to include them in the light show.  I retrofitted them with the square RGB modules you sell.  The one on the left is the 20W version that Malibu offers, the one on the right is the 50W version.  I used one module in the 20W and two in the 50W after gutting the 12V halogen reflector, socket and wiring. 


The 20W has a 2 ½” 6x32 machine screw through the module with a backing nut.  There is a think block of aluminum at the back of the fixture that I drilled and tapped for the screw.  If you do this, be careful to avoid drilling through the back of the fixture.  On the 50W I cut a piece of wood that is a light press fit in the housing and simply used the two sided tape to hold them in place.  Obviously the 50W was gutted as well.

For control, I am using a Lightorama DC controller and that gives me 5 RGB channels.  http://store.lightorama.com/cmdedcca2.html  The DC controller can operate stand alone and I have set up some sequences for running the lights.  One of the options for the stand alone operation is to have the sequence start on power up, and I am powering the power supply (the HolidayCoro 45W) from a time clock.  During show season, I put it on the network and the landscape lights become another element in the show.

For wiring, I used sprinkler control cable since it is designed for direct burial.  I used 18AWG wire to avoid voltage drop issues.  The longest run is about 125’.  The one drawback to sprinkler cable is it is stiff.  Definitely not something I would utilize on the lawn for a show display, but for this project it fit the bit nicely.

Before the RGB conversion, the landscape lights were drawing 490W from a Malibu 600W power supply.  I do not have all of the fixtures converted to RGB yet, but at this point I have all of the lights on the front and side of the house running from that single 45W power supply.  Here are a couple of pictures from this evening.  Since it is Valentine’s Day, I went red slowly fading to pink and back.  Normally I have the color set static to a yellowish white.

Thanks guys for taking the time to share your projects with us at HolidayCoro.com!

If you are thinking of mounting lights on your house year round, also take a look at our blog entry on this topic.

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