10 March 2013

HolidayCoro Wants Your Sequences!

We at HolidayCoro are really good at the technical stuff but what were are not good at is sequencing.  So, nearly all the sequences we offer for our products come from you - the customer.  We are always amazed at how great some people are with sequences that really make a design of our pop and it's those exact sequences that we'd like to offer to our customers. 

Why would you want to partner with HolidayCoro to licence your sequence? 
  • We either purchase out-right your sequence (royalty free) for a one-time payment or licence your sequence and pay you four times a year, a portion of the sequence sale price.  In 2012, we paid out thousands and thousands in licencing payments alone. 
  • There isn't anything you need to do other than to just send us the sequence - we clean it up (remove any additional channels not required for the product (product specific sequences), produce videos, sell and support customers with questions.
  • We include your name (optional) in the sequence so you retain credit for your great work.
  • We control distribution though our customer specific downloads.
What are we looking for in sequences?
  • A high level of quality in the sequences.  If it is for a singing product (monsters, pumpkin, Santa, etc), the timing needs to be very tight and aligned with the audio/song.
  • While we post a video rendering of the sequence, we also find that it is helpful for customers to also have a "real world" video showing what it looks like when performed in a production display.  So, if you have a YouTube or Vimeo video that shows that song in your own display - all the better.
  • The sequence must be a sole creation of your own and it also cannot be a cut-n-paste of other peoples sequence(s).  During the period that we are marketing your sequence (if licenced), the sequence cannot be provided for download free or for sale by any other vendor.
  • Sequences need to be in the LOR S3 format.  We have chosen this format as it can be converted into other popular sequencing applications (LightShow Pro, Vixen, etc.)
  • We look for two major groups of sequences:
    • Product Specific Sequences - These are sequences designed to work directly with a specific HolidayCoro product.
    • Base Sequences - These are sequences that don't work with a specific product but instead are a starting point for others to modify to fit their displays.  These sequences can be simple or complex (thousands of channels).  In nearly all cases, we need a video showing the sequence "in action" on your display so people can visualize the quality of the sequence.
So, if you have a sequence you'd be interested in having HolidayCoro purchase or licence, please shoot us an email with the details (video links, song name, product target, etc) and we'll get started on it!



We received feedback from Jim M who we re-sell sequences for and here is his testimonial:

"My wife and I became interested is holiday decorating a few years ago.  We incorporated computer controlled lighting in 2012.  While there were many places to buy sequences from, we chose Holidaycoro.com.  The main reason was that we knew we would want to sequence our own songs.  While this isn't terribly difficult, we specifically eyed Holidaycoro because they include a template to produce your own sequences.  This was just the head start we needed to be on our way to making our own.  We figured out the software very quickly and created a number of sequences.  We sent them off to David and he had them posted for sale within a matter of hours.  Everything from sales, support and advertising is handled by HolidayCoro.  All we had to do was create the sequences.  Every quarter HolidayCoro mails out a check with our profits.  It cannot be any easier.  There are other routes if you choose to sell your own sequences; however, none of them make it as easy as Holidaycoro.com has.  Since they are well respected and trusted in the holiday lighting community, your sequences will sell.  It is an extremely fair distribution model and HolidayCoro runs it very efficiently.  We are already looking at creating new sequences for 2013."

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