06 March 2013

Real Time @ HolidayCoro.com

Over the last several years, HolidayCoro has strived to give back to the Holiday Lighting community from it's research and knowledge of a variety of different aspects.  We've presented at conferences and written articles on our website, for magazines and on the forums and we hope to continue that tradition here on our new blog. 

As a result of the real-time feedback of questions and ideas we get from our customers, we have a very rich source of materials and hope to be able to provide information not only to individual customers as we do now through our Customer Relationship Managment (CRM) system but also to spread that knowledge to other customers and non-customers with the same questions. 

We also have many ideas presented to us from our many great customers but we have to make selective decisions on which products to develop and bring to market and through our blog we hope to be able to solicit more real-time feedback from customers on what you'd like to see us focus our efforts on.

If you have suggestions for blog topics, you can always provide us feedback on our website.


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