07 March 2013

The Pixels are Coming!

HolidayCoro's involvement with RGB and Pixels goes back to late 2009 and 2010 when we started researching what options were out there with respect to a move from AC based lighting and controllers to a DC based system.  We really felt that it didn't make lots of sense to make devices (after the move from incandescents to LED light strings) that are naively DC, work on high powered AC controllers - not only from a waste standpoint but also from a safety standpoint.

During 2010 we literally ordered thousands and thousands of dollars worth of random items from China in an effort to narrow down products and solutions that would be a good fit for our Holiday Lighting field. (You can watch our 3.5 hours of videos that provide extensive information on RGB lighting products, controllers and wiring which was a result of this testing.)  With the efforts of a number of other really smart people in Australia and the US, we were able to pull off our 2,227 channel display, which at the time of a "large" display of ~500 channels, was quite a feat - not only with hardware (E131, pixels, DC DMX controllers, etc) but also software (we were responsible for 50% of the logged bug reports in Lightshow Pro in 2010). 

(Video from 2010 showing our 2,277 Channel RGB/Pixel Display)

We added basic/dumb DMX products to our product offerings in 2011 to great success, as people could see from even the limited number of RGB/Pixel displays from 2010 that there was a lot of value in moving from AC to DC based lighting systems.  While many customers used our DMX controllers and lights to build their own props and elements, the main driver for us was to provide a single source of products for building our coro based items.

We watched closely in 2012 where the market was going and added additional basic/dumb RGB lighting options but decided that the market, products and quality had not matured enough to offer pixel based solutions to our customers even though we sold some items that required customer supplied pixel hardware.

At the end of 2012 we looked closely at the market and worked with our suppliers to bring supported and reliable RGB products to our customers in 2013.  So, expect to see lots of great new pixel hardware and products that take advantage of the benefits that pixels have to offer in 2013!



  1. HolidayCoro has been a great source of knowledge and equipment since its inception. The video tutorials, the display offerings and now the associated hardware offerings is putting (IMHO) at the top of the available vendors for quality holiday products and props.

    We look forward to the new offerings and inovations that are soon to come from HolidayCoro.

    Bob Moody

  2. Can hardly wait. I bought the candy canes and so will be buying the rectangular smart modules for them when they become available.

    Love all the information in the knowledge base, makes it much easier being able to get clear information and the products in one place

    Gerald Bennett


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