08 March 2013

Single Vendor Systems or Off-The-Shelf Parts for RGB Lighting?

Customers ask us from time to time - what can I buy to make this work or what should I buy to make my house look like this one in the video?  There are two schools of thought on this subject, both listed below along with their pros and cons:
  • Go with a single vendor, fully integrated "system"
    • PROs
      • Single vendor (sometimes this may include software, such as the case with LOR) for all hardware.
      • Usually is, for the most part, plug-n-play.
      • You don't often need to fully understand what you are doing or how the system works, lowering the amount of time you need to invest to understand how to get it working.
    • CONs
      • In nearly all cases, you will pay more for a single, integrated "system" than one that is produced from "off-the-shelf" parts.
      • These systems often lock you into a specific protocol, wiring standard, voltage or other limit.
      • You'll need to force a vendor specific product to perform a function that it isn't optimally designed for.
      • You may lack the neccessary skills at a critical time (Oct-Dec) when there is an unexpected problem and an overloaded vendor can't dedicate the time to solve your specific issue.
  • Go with off-the-shelf parts and mix and match items
    • PROs
      • Nearly always the lowest cost.
      • Able to select "best of breed" products for each project /element / prop.
      • You built it so you know how it works and how to fix it if it breaks - you'll be the one able to answer the questions on the forum, not the otherway around.
    • CONs
      • Requires much more understanding (time) and learning to successfully select and build the solution.
      • May require learning new skills (soldering, use of electrical test equipement).
We at HolidayCoro believe in the latter - yes, there is a higher learning curve but we believe the time interested in understanding "why" and what solution best meets your needs is time well spent - this is one of the reasons you won't really find any "preassembled" products in our store. 

We also may refer customers to another vendor because that vendor has a "best in breed" solution or product that we don't sell so that you'll get the best possible solution for your project.  And in an effort to reduce that time to understand which products you need and how to assemble and build them we do our best to publish videos and documents on exactly how to build your project and of course, you can always contact us via phone, email or our CRM system for support to get your project completed.

HolidayCoro wants to be your partner in helping you develop your skills while at the same time delivering the best solution for your needs, even if it isn't ours, so that your display is exactly the way you want it.


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